JavaOne Estate Costa Rican Coffee Pods - 14ct

JavaOne Estate Costa Rican Coffee Pods - 14ct

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Product Description


Java One Estate Costa Rican Single Cup Coffee Pods. Rich, volcanic soil, high elevation and climatic conditions all contribute to the unique flavor of this Costa Rican coffee. Intense aroma and a medium body make for a well-balanced and pleasing cup.

  • Medium Roast
  • 14 count box
  • 9 gram pods
  • Size: 60mm
  • Certified Kosher (OU)
What are coffee pods?

Coffee pods are an simple way to enjoy a fresh single cup of coffee. A round pouch made of paper is filled with fresh ground coffee and sealed. Pods are compostable, making them a great choice for the planet. To use pods you need a pod brewer available here.

Medium Pod