Selecting the perfect in-room coffee for your guests is a requirement to ensure they have all the comforts of home during their stay. However, it's more than just the coffee. Here is the first of 5 keys to delicious in-room coffee from the experts at Coffee House Express.

Tip # 1: The Water

Coffee is primarily a liquid made with water so of course it stands to reason that water is a major influence on the quality of a cup of coffee. How is the tap water in your establishment? Is it of high enough quality to be the source element for coffee? If you have hard water it may be so full of various minerals that it negatively impacts the coffee taste. Minerals do add flavor to the water but most minerals will clash with the flavor of the coffee. A good rule of thumb is that if the water doesn't taste ok neither will the coffee.

Softened water is not a good choice either, the high sodium content certainly affects the flavor and soft-water does not work well with drip machines, the grounds and water make a goo like substance that impacts the coffee flavor and possibly makes a mess in your machine.

That leaves bottled water, however you want to check to insure that the mineral content is low enough to make a difference. Most but not all bottled water makers do some type of filtration process to make their product consistent. The optimum water is so called 'Drinking Water' which is usually highly filtered municipal water with finely controlled amounts of some particles added in controlled amounts. Think of water cooler type bottled water, not necessarily in-room coffee service friendly but should be considered.