Tip # 3: The Coffee Maker

For ease of use, cleanliness, less moving parts (think filters, baskets, and the grounds) clearly the invention of the single cup coffee maker has made life easier for all of us. Many experts also believe that the pressurized brewing method extracts more flavor from the beans meaning better tasting coffee.

Factors to consider when choosing which brand of coffee maker to use for your guests include ease of use and speed to brew. Brewers designed for commercial use simplify the water reservoir usage and coffee pod or k-cup usage process, no timers, multi-coffee type systems, brewing size changes or pulse flavor options are available. Most guests want good coffee, made easily and quickly and manufacturers have responded with machines to meet these requirements. While no definitive single cup maker speed testing is available yet, most single cup systems can make a cup in 3-4 minutes.

Again you have a choice, balancing features and a cost to meet your guest's requirements is key. There are many, many choices and options to help you do so.