Tip # 4: Cleanliness

Keeping your coffee maker clean is critical, water deposits and minerals can build up, coffee grinds, sugars and oils can be deposited over time with multiple use. Keeping your machines clean in a hospitality environment is a challenge. Using a dishwasher is not practical, flushing with vinegar and water through multiple brewing cycles is not practical. Using a toothbrush to clean around non-moving parts is time consuming. Yet cleanliness is key to good coffee for your guests.

One new type of solution is a packaged product designed to clean and descale single serve coffee systems by Williams-Sonoma. It is used with water to flush through your maker and clean it, it is biodegradable, phosphate and odorless as well. Then surface cleaning can be accomplished with microfiber cloths not a cleaning product with chemicals. Recommendations are to use this every three months but it can be adjusted based on usage.