There are four main considerations for using the Re-Usable K-Cup Filter:

  • Taste
  • Freshness
  • Grind
  • Cleaning

Let's start with Cleaning, of course your K-Cup Re-Usable should be clean before using, the best practice is to clean it immediately after use as the grounds are still moist and will come clean with just a quick washing under the tap.

Once you have decided to use the Re-Usable K-Cup you are now in charge of the quality of the coffee you brew, you need to buy the right type (Drip) or grind the beans you buy correctly. If grinding it is best to use a burr type grinder as you will want the grounds to be of uniform size. (Blade type grinders struggle to do so)

Once you have your coffee ready for the K-Cup you need to add the right amount to produce the taste you want which may require a few practice brews to develop.

Keeping your grounded, non-brewed coffee fresh is crucial, ensure you keep it sealed in an air tight container or bag until its next use.

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