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K-Cups are not designed to be reused. Some coffee lovers claim that a large cup of coffee can be made from the first pass of a K-Cup, and a small cup of coffee can be made from the second pass. Others claim that each use of the K-Cup further weakens the flavor, just like re-using coffee grounds in a standard coffee machine.

Meanwhile there have been many ideas presented within coffee user forums on how to open your used K-Cup, refill it, seal it with plastic and reuse the K-Cup.

Keurig has designed the My K-cup, which is a reusable stainless steel filter and housing that allows you to fill it with your own ground coffee and brew. This system will only work on the home models and initial reaction has been mixed. Those who appreciate a stronger cup of coffee have not been enthusiastic about the My K-cup, while others are happy to do without the stronger flavor in exchange for the potential monetary savings.