It's amazing how the little luxuries of life keep customer ratings up and guests coming back. Treat your guests to the luxury of in-room coffee, the freshest brew around. At Coffee House Express we offer a number of coffee supplies perfect for the hospitality industry, ranging from actual coffee makers to filter packs and a variety of condiments.

Please feel free to explore our website to find exactly what you're looking for. Before you do though, here are three must-read tips to enhance your provision of in-room coffee!

1. Buy quality. Your guests will notice and appreciate it.
It's key to have a quality, easy to use, functioning brewer for each of your guest rooms. Brewers that require maintenance or have multiple steps to brew a cup of coffee can be frustrating to guests.

1. Buy quality. Your guests will notice and appreciate it.
Another way to truly impress customers is to give them options. Different brews, different creamers, and different sweeteners displayed in a tidy and organized manner can impress guests and create a pleasant atmosphere throughout their stay.

3. Consider in-room placement carefully.
There are a few things to consider when choosing the in-room placement of a coffee maker. It shouldn't be placed in the bathroom and it is wise to store the maker with some distance from the sleeping area. The optimal location is usually by the TV or on top of any wooden dressers/nightstands opposite the beds (if available).

Thanks for considering Coffee House Express for all your coffee supply needs. Remember, we offer free shipping on orders of $60 or more! Buy today and save big.