Baronet Coffee

Baronet Coffee has been in progress since 1915. The employees of Baronet search the world for the finest coffees. Their philosophy is to provide customers with the highest quality of coffee and exceed service expectations. If they do that, they will have a customer for life.

With hard work and dedication throughout the company, Baronet eventually became one of the first roasters to package coffee in single-serve pods. Now Baronet offers a wide variety of coffees. They are most well-known for their unique flavored coffees.

Flavored Coffees

Butter Pecan: Butter Pecan is a slow roasted sweet coffee with flavors of southern pecans.

Chocolate Babka: This delicious coffee tastes like chocolate coffee cake with hints of crunchy nuts.

Chocolate Raspberry: If you like chocolate and fruit together try Baronet's Chocolate Raspberry coffee. This coffee is a combination of sweet and tart raspberries with rich chocolate.

Cinnamon Hazelnut: Cinnamon Hazelnut is a smooth, creamy coffee with a nutty flavor, plus a hint of cinnamon in every sip.

Coconut Creme Pie: The Coconut Creme Pie coffee is perfect if you need a sweet treat. Enjoy flavors of coconut blended with rich creme, like coconut creme pie.

Creme Brulee: Just like the Creme Brulee dessert, this coffee has flavors of vanilla custard with the perfect hint of creamy caramel.

French Toast: This coffee flavor is so good! Satisfy your breakfast cravings with French toast flavored coffee with cinnamon and buttery maple syrup.

French Vanilla: French Vanilla is known as everyone's favorite flavored coffee. Enjoy sweet vanilla flavored coffee with the perfect amount of creaminess.

Native Blueberry: If you like blueberries, you will like this coffee. It tastes just like blueberries!

Nutty Irishman: The Nutty Irishman is a flavor of Irish creme blended with our Hazelnut coffee beans.

Toasted Almond: The Toasted Almond is a blend of nuts and cream. This coffee is perfect for a nice Fall day.

Vanilla Fudge Swirl: This coffee is creamy and rich. With every sip you will enjoy the taste of sweet French Vanilla blended with dark chocolate fudge.

Baronet has flavors for everyone's taste palate. Enjoy a cup of coffee made from Arabica beans from around the world.