Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee uses the highest quality beans from all around the world to make the perfect coffee creations. The Coffee House Express sells the most popular kinds of Caribou coffee at a reasonable price.

Caribou Blend. The Caribou Blend has a fruity, spicy, bitter-sweet chocolate taste. Enjoy the taste of heaviness at first with a relaxing balance of earthy flavors in the end.

Caribou Blend Decaf. The Caribou Blend Decaf tastes just like the regular Caribou blend, but decaffeinated.

Daybreak Morning Blend. The Daybreak Morning Blend is made with American and East African beans blended together. This light roasted coffee starts out sweet in your mouth, but at the end leaves a small hint of a fruity, nutty taste.

French Roast. The French Roast is a blend of ground coffees from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia and Papua New Guinea. This dark roast coffee has a bittersweet flavor with a smooth, heavy body.

Mahogany. The Mahogany is a dark roast coffee with the taste of bold molasses, spice and semi-sweet chocolate flavors combined with aromatic woods and leather. You might also be able to taste raw honey and sweet, dry vanilla.

Caribou Coffee offers a variety of coffee drinks. The Coffee House Express sells its ground coffee and k-Cups. The ground coffee comes in 2.5ounce bags, 18 bags per box. Each bag makes 10-12 cups of coffee. Buy great quality coffee from a well-known brand.