Diedrich Coffee has been delivering rich coffee to the world since 1980. The employees of Diedrich Coffee strive to create quality coffee that will satisfy their customers with every cup they drink.

On his family-owned farm in Guatemala, Stephan Diedrich formed a company that became a lead innovator in coffee roasting technology. Today, Diedrich Coffee is ensuring that customers receive the best 100% Arabica coffee and the best service possible.

The Coffee House Express offers four blends of Diedrich Coffee K-Cups, perfect for your Keurig single-cup coffee maker.

Morning Edition Decaf Blend: Start your day right with this medium roast coffee that delivers a silky vanilla flavor with a robust finish, and all without the caffeine.

Morning Edition Blend: Drink this intense, medium roast coffee with a creamy vanilla taste and touches of spice to begin your morning with a satisfying boost.

French Roast Blend: This strong coffee is for made for the bold coffee drinker! It is a Diedrich Coffee's darkest roasted coffee with a light, toasty flavor and a pleasing finish. It is carefully roasted to ensure there is never a burnt or bitter aftertaste.

Rio Blend: Diedrich Coffee's Rio Blend is a medium roast coffee that adds a bit of South American piquancy to the smooth, balanced hints of raisin and cocoa that make up this delicious blend.

Diedrich Coffee has flavors that will get you out of bed in the morning and others that will leave you wanting another cup! Enjoy coffee made from the best Arabica beans from around the world.