Emerils Coffee K-cups

Emeril's coffee represents the highest standard of excellence with its Arabica coffee beans. Arabica coffee beans were originated from Arabia and later produced in Yemen and Ethiopia. This type of bean is less caffeine heavy and has more complex flavors than any other beans. When not roasted, the Arabica beans smell like blueberries. When the beans are roasted they tend to have a perfumey smell with notes of fruit and sugar tones. Arabica coffee can either have a sweet-soft taste or a sharp-tangy taste when brewed.

Emeril has two types of coffee for Keurig makers: Big Easy Bold and Jazzed Up Decaf. The Big Easy Bold is a dark roast coffee that is thick and hearty with a smooth, complex taste. The Jazzed Up Decaf is also a dark roast coffee with a smoky chocolate taste.

Arabica coffee has a wide variety of tastes that pair perfectly with different desserts. A great tip for pairing desserts with specific coffees is to pair each with similar flavors.

Chocolate Mouse Cake. Chocolate mouse cake would go great with a medium- or dark-roast coffee, but it would go best with Arabica coffees like Emeril's Big Easy Bold.

Chocolate-Dipped Fruit. Tart, chocolate-covered cherries or strawberries are good paired with a citrusy coffee like Arabica coffee from Ethiopia.

Scones. Fruit scones would pair perfectly with winey coffees from Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya or Haiti. Emeril's coffee would taste delicious with blueberry scones.

Dark Chocolate. Dark chocolate would taste scrumptious with a dark roast coffee from Indonesia, Brazil, Ethiopia or Guatemala. Emeril's Big Easy Bold or Jazzed Up Decaf would go good with dark chocolate.

Coffee made from Arabica coffee beans are known for its aromas of flowers and fruit and blend of flavors from citrusy to winey. Emeril's K-Cup coffees, made with great quality Arabica beans, are great with many kinds of sweet or tangy desserts.