Green Mountain uses the highest quality beans to make the greatest cup of coffee. They offer 45 flavors to satisfy even the pickiest coffee drinkers. Every coffee drinker has a different palate. Some enjoying a bitter, earthy blend while others prefer a mild, almost sweet variety. Green Mountain understands variety without sacrificing quality. They now offer K-Cups for people who have Keurig Coffee makers. Out of the 45 flavors, Green Mountain offers 5 different decaffeinated flavors while their competitors typically offer only one.

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K Cups: This classic New England coffee is made with Indonesian beans to create a crisp, citrus taste. The Breakfast blend coffee is sweet, with a little depth to it. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups are available in regular and decaf varieties.

Dark Magic Decaf Extra Bold: This coffee is for people who enjoy dark, rich coffee with flavors of espresso and sweetness mixed in.

Vermont Country Blend Decaf: Known as decaf coffee drinkers' top choice, the Vermont Country Blend Decaf is sweet and rich with a dark-roasted base, and is made with light-roasted American beans. Enjoy that toasty, velvety taste one sip at a time.

Green Mountain French Vanilla K Cups: Like vanilla custard, this coffee is sweet and rich, with a smooth creamy taste. Green Mountain French Vanilla K-cups have no calories, carbs, sugars or sweeteners. You can't beat that. Available in regular and decaf varieties.

Hazelnut Decaf: Hazelnut decaf coffee is buttery and sweet with the taste of roasted nuts. Yum!

Green Mountain offers more decaffeinated coffee flavors than many other coffee distributors. They thrive on making their customers happy. Even decaffeinated coffee drinkers need a variety to choose from.

"I ordered the Green Mountain Spicy Eggnog and Baronet Coconut Creme Pie coffees and really love both of them. The Eggnog especially has a wonderful deep flavor. Shipping was very fast and will surely order from again." - Barbara