Java One produces single-serve coffee and tea pods. What makes them stand out among all the other single-serve pods is their roasting system.

Java One's pods are evenly roasted using hot air. The hot air keeps the outside and the inside of the beans from getting over-cooked. This patented convection roasting system is only used by Java One.

They roast each coffee bean perfectly. Each pod is individually engineered with the precise roast level, grind setting, blending and dosage to make the best tasting coffee.

Java One offers coffee and tea. You can choose from light, medium or dark roast coffee. The company also has flavored and decaffeinated coffee as well as a few tea flavors.

Light Roast: Breakfast Blend, Colombia Supremo, Kona Blend

Medium Roast: Estate Costa Rican, House Blend, Sumatra Mandheling

Dark Roast: French Roast

Flavored: French Vanilla, Hazelnut Creme

Decaffeinated: Decaf Colombian

Tea: English Breakfast, Tropical Citrus Green

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