Melitta offers a variety of consumer products. The company is most famous for its coffee products. Melitta uses the highest quality beans from the best coffee farms around the world. Its bold, flavorful coffee brings European indulgence to everyday life.

Melitta is always trying to improve its products based on consumer needs and wants. Single serve coffee has become popular within the past few years. There are different single serve coffee makers, and they each take specific containers of grounds: K-cups or pods. Melitta has created soft and hard pods for different kinds of single serve coffee makers.

Hard Pods

Hazelnut Crème. Hazelnut Crème coffee has a buttery rich flavor of wild, toasted hazelnuts and a sweet creamy finish.

Home for Holidays. Enjoy the taste of fluffy coconut, creamy vanilla, buttery caramel and a hint of sweet nuts. The taste of this coffee warms you right up.

Parisian Vanilla. This coffee is delicate and sweet. Have a cup of creamy vanilla flavored coffee.

Buzzworthy. Buzzworthy coffee is made from Central and South American beans. This coffee is dark roasted and full-bodied with a smoky aftertaste.

Breakfast Blend. This coffee is your typical "cup of Joe." Have a smooth, light roasted cup of coffee from the highest quality, Arabica beans.

Love at First Sip. Love at First Sip is your ordinary medium roast coffee for those who like their coffee plain.

Vanilla Crème Brulee. Vanilla Crème Brulee has just the right amount of vanilla crème and sweet caramel blended into Melitta's dark roasted coffee.

Melitta's other hard pod flavors are: Vanilla Hazelnut, Parisian Cafe, Classique Supreme, Vienna Roast, Blanc et Noir, Parisian Vanilla and Colombian.

Coffee House Express distributes many Melitta coffee flavors. There are flavors for everyone!