Green Tea Gargle

Keep Your Smile Looking White and Healthy

For years green tea has been used for medicinal purposes. In recent years however, green tea has been added to many types of beauty and health products. One of the most common uses, as well as one of the best green tea uses, is as a gargle. Winters are long in Japan, and Japanese people not only drink green tea as a cold preventative, they also gargle with it after meals. It is effective in killing off potential germs and bacteria. Always use a fresh green tea for a gargle solution. A stronger loose leaf like gunpowder or Japanese sencha is recommended. Brew as you normally would and let the tea cool to a comfortable temperature before gargling.

Green tea powder from capsules can also be used for convenience. Just add a quarter capsule of the powder in one ounce of warm water and gargle. Once your green tea is in water, it loses effectiveness within a few hours. So always make a fresh batch each time you gargle.

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