keurig brewer

Coffee drinkers love Keurig Coffee Brewers for many reasons. By brewing a single cup of coffee at a time, Keurig brewers gain many advantages over brewing with convetional coffee pots.

On top of being incredible simple to use, Keurig brewers remove the worry of getting a burnt taste from a coffee pot that has been brewing for too long. They also remove the annoyance of cleaning up coffee grinds with each brewed pot of coffee.

No more burnt coffee taste, no more cleaning up coffee grinds!

To ensure that the advantages of a Keurig coffee maker continue to come trouble free, a little maintenance can go a long way. We recommend regular cleaning and simple maintenance to help prolong the life of your Keurig Coffee Brewer and ensure peak performace.

Cleaning your Keurig Coffee Brewer

  • Brewer Housing & External Components - Wipe with a moist, soapy and non-abrasive cloth. Never immerse the Brewer in water or other liquids.

  • Drip Tray and Drip Tray Plate - Wipe with a moist, soapy and non-abrasive cloth, then rinse thoroughly. The Drip Tray and Drip Tray Plate should not be placed in the dishwasher.

  • Water Reservoir Lid & Water Reservoir: Wipe with a moist, soapy and non-abrasive cloth and rinse thoroughly. Do not dry the inside of the Water Reservoir with a cloth as lint may remain. The Water Reservoir Lid and Water Reservoir should not be placed in the dishwasher.

  • K-Cup Holder Assembly - Dishwasher Safe - Place the Assembly onto the top shelf of a dishwasher and select a low temperature setting.

Caution: Please ensure that no cleaners or cleaning solutions are in or near the fill area as this may contaminate your water supply.

CLEANING TIP: Avoiding Spill-Overs

Are you noticing some liquid resting in the K-Cup holder every time you brew a cup of your favorite drink? You may have a small blockage. No worries, thanks to the clever design of Keurig Coffee Maker, this is an easy fix.

Simply remove the holder assembly, then run it under a heavy/fast stream of water and vigorously shake the assembly to cure the small blockage. If you clean your equipment this way every so often, once a week, you will keep your Keurig brewer clean, reduce post-brew dripping, and improve overall performance.