Green Tea

Green tea is an admired drink that is used all over the world for many medical reasons. Researchers have discovered that green tea can be very effective in cholesterol reduction and reducing the chances of heart disease or stroke. The catechin polyphenol that is found in green tea is an antioxidant that reduces LDL cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol. HDL cholesterol, also known as good cholesterol can also be raised by drinking green tea.

In a recent study of men who drank green tea regularly, it was found that cholesterol levels were lower than in men who did not drink green tea. Another study among men and women with high cholesterol levels showed that the participants selected randomly to receive a soft gel capsule of catechins rather than the placebo had a significantly lower cholesterol levels. Catechins are extracts that obtained from green tea leaves.

It has been proven that green tea polyphenols can also stop the bad cholesterol from entering the intestines and blood stream. Green tea polyphenols can also limit the negative effects of a fatty diet and even smoking. Epicatechins also found in green tea assist in releasing fatty acids and bile salts that may contain traces of cholesterol.

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