keurig science

The science of brewing coffee consists of utilizing 6 elements to produce the perfect cup:

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Turbulence
  • Grind
  • Recipe
  • Water Quality

The first 3 elements - time, temperature and turbulence - all work together to produce a flavor extraction from the k-cup that you are going to enjoy in your cup of coffee.

The grind must be adjusted to make use of those 3 elements as they were designed by the Keurig brewer system.

The recipe refers to the ratio of coffee to water that you are using. It is another way of simply choosing the strength of the coffee that you enjoy.

The water quality itself is critical to ensure that the coffee will taste good. This is due to the fact that it is likely 98-99% of the ingredients in the particular cup of coffee.

Utilizing k-cup technology, the Keurig brewing system takes the effort and focus of time, temperature and turbulence into account in its design to give you the opportunity, at the push of a button, to quickly and easily enjoy the perfect balance of these elements, without you even having to take them into consideration.

This is done by having the k-cup brewing containter already fashioned for you along with the Keurig brewer itself being manufactured to provide time, temperature and turbulence within control. The coffee is produced along the Keurig production line that creates a filter on the fly, welds it into place within the k-cup, and doses the ground coffee precisely at a grind that works best with the Keurig brewing system to allow for generation of a perfect cup.

An insert needle manufactured into each Keurig Brewer punctures the top of the lid and employs pressure slightly above gravity to create enough turbulence to produce good extraction from the brew cycle, thus providing you with the perfect cup of coffee in under a minute.