SunCana Coffee Pod Brewer

In the event of a problem with your SunCana single cup coffee pod brewer, there are several simple steps you can take that might get you up and brewing again. Here are some common issues:

  1. Coffee dripping from side of pod holder
  2. Unit will not brew or brews a very small amount
  3. Screen indicates "Check Water Level" but reservoir is full
  4. Screen indicates "Check Pod"

Coffee dripping from side of pod holder

In this case the problem might be that the pod has been placed into the pod holder upside down. Make sure that the pod is placed with the flat side up.
Coffee Pod

Will not brew or brews very small amount

You may have a blocked exit hole on the pod holder or a blocked screen.

Remove the pod holder and examine the tiny hole in the center, it should be totally clear. If the hole is blocked even the slightest, it may cause a problem. Some brewers also have a plastic pod holder (not pictured), the plastic pod holder has a larger hole and is less likely to clog but it is possible.
remove pod holder
The exit hole in the stainless steel pod holder is very small, the easiest way to clear this is to use compressed air to blow through the hole or use a small paper clip or thumb tack to gently poke out the hole.
pode holder exit hole
It's also a good idea to check the screen, which is located in the tray directly below the pod holder. Simply pull the tray forward and it will slide right out, be careful not to lose the screen.
delivery tray
The screen just sits in the groove of the tray, but is meant fit only one way. Take notice of its orientation when removing.
Here is the screen removed, simply rinse it out with water and dish soap, and make sure it's not blocked. When you put it back into the tray, make sure the bevel end is down and then slowly turn it until you feel it drop into the small groove.

Screen says "Check water Level" but reservoir is full

If you have previously removed the float from the water reservoir to clean it, make sure the white float is back in place and installed in the proper direction. It's difficult to see, but there is an arrow on the float pointing up with the word "TOP". It must be installed in this direction to work properly.

Screen says "Check Pod"

If your screen says "check pod" this is an indication that the handle is not completely latched. Lift up the handle, remove the pod holder and ensure the pod is centered in the pod holder, reinstall the pod holder and latch the arm down again and give it another try.