keurig brewer

To brew K-Cups, you must have a Keurig K-Cup compatible brewer. Keurig manufactures its own line of brewers. Popular models include: Elite, Special Edition and The Mini Plus. Other manufacturers, such as Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart and Breville, also have licensed the Keurig technology and manufacture k-cup machines.

Using a K-Cup brewer is simple. Insert a K-Cup portion pack into the brewer and press down on the handle. One needle pierces the foil seal on top of the plastic K-Cup with a spray nozzle, while another simultaneously pierces the bottom with a discharge nozzle. Pressing the brew button causes the machine to instantly force pre-heated water through the K-Cup and into your mug, and your coffee is ready in under a minute.

Brewers range in size from the small Mini Plus to the larger commercial grade models, which include direct water line hookups and automatic used K-Cup ejection and storage.